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Parafly Check Center Stubai

Since 1992 we offer service checks for different paragliders of different manufacturers, repack all kinds of reserve parachutes and do repairs on paragliders and harnesses.

We always work according to standards and instructions of manufacturers.

Our goal is to offer you highest quality in service checks and make sure your paragliders and reserve parachutes are in good conditions, ensuring the safety of every pilot.

Steps For A Service Check

Trim Tuning

Trim Tuning is the right choice, if a check-over isn’t necessary yet, but you want to make sure your paraglider is correctly trimmed. We check every single leash with a Bosh laser measuring device and by applying 5 daN traction. The results are compared to reference values of the paraglider manufacturer. Variations in symmetry and to the reference values are adjusted by looping through the mallion and crotch. If necessary, leashes will be replaced. After the first trim tuning, the paraglider will be checked for a second time.

You will receive two sheets containing all the measuring data. Our goal is to do a better job than expected by the reference values of the manufacturer.

Re-Packing The Reserve Parachute

After testing the trigger, which can be done either by us or you, the glider will be hung up and well-aired for at least 12 hours and up to 24 hours. The next step is checking the closing lid and all the leashes. At the end the reserve parachute will be properly re-packed. If no compatibility check-up has been done yet, we will do it together with you. It will be added to your service records.

Contact and Procedure

You can leave your equipment in the paragliding school daily from 9 am to 5 pm. The checked equipment can also be picked up or we can send it to your address using DPD. Of course, you can send your equipment to us. We can send it back with DPD free of charge or you can pick it up.

Please use a box which is big enough for your equipment and include the service form.
>>Download Service Form

For questions please call 004368181660143 or e-mail

Rates 2017

  • including shipping
Tandem Paraglider
  • including shipping

Other Rates

40 € packing of round reserve (10 € shipping)
55 € packing of cruciform reserve (10 € shipping)
65 € packing of steerable reserves (10 € shipping)
69 € Trim-Tuning