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... you’re always at your limit

With your paraglider you are one with nature, floating silently above the mountain tops, experiencing the world from a new point of view. Decelerated. Thermalling just below the cloud bases and enjoying yourself for hours. .

You decide how long you fly, how high you fly, where you fly. The higher and further you fly the smaller your every day life becomes. Experience real passion and sustainability.



... pure adventure

During flying you steer your life. You yourself. You talk with the clouds and the wind and turn into an eagle. Discover the technical basics for flying and conquer the sky. You discover yourself and learn to sense the unexpected. Flying means full commitment, you train your mental strength, speed and coordination. Whatever you experience, it is an unrivalled and exciting thrilling change between tension during a thermal flight and deepest relaxation during a simple glide down the mountain in the sunrise.


... here and now

Flying is intense. Every moment can bring surprises – you react. Whatever you do in the air you get direct feedback from your paraglider. You have to concentrate fully. More of the here and now ist not possible. During flying, you’ll feel your endorphins getting spilled. Flying makes you happy!


... community and fun

At Parafly you get to know like-minded people. People who seek the extraordinary and enjoy the exchange of ideas. Just like you. Talking, planning of routes, sharing experiences together. Enjoying a beer after landing, meeting new people, living intense moments – it simply is fun from heaven.


Do you want to fly like an eagle? You don’t need to be a super sporty person. Let’s take off together!